Can someone help me identify this press?

This press is being sold locally and I will see it on Sunday, where I will look for distinguishable markings and such…the seller thinks is a C&P….any other guesses?

image: Press1.jpg


image: Press2.jpg


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It’s a Sigwalt Ideal. Looks like it might be a 6x9 judging by the books sitting beside it. Sigwalt didn’t mark their presses with any identifying marks, though many had ornamental designs painted on the sides. Looks like the rollers are a bit dirty but usable, and there is a chase. It doesn’t look like there are grippers, though the rod for them is there. They’re easy to make. If it’s a reasonable price grab it — they’re probably among the best table-top presses going. It weighs about 100 lbs. Take the ink disc off and a strong person can pick it up by the disc support. I moved mine with a hand truck.

It is indeed a Sigwalt… probably a number 5 (6x9 as Ad Lib said)

When moving it, be VERY careful of the arm that moves the ink disk. It is a cast piece that sticks up…. and it is easily broken.

One note - from the photo, it appears to be missing the gripper fingers and gripper trip lever - not a deal breaker.

Very nice little press, rather desirable model.