Can anyone identify these round things?

I bought these on ebay but I can’t figure out how to lock them up. Also, I have no idea what the two metal things are in the upper right corner. I really am at a loss, so any help would be appreciated!

image: 2.gif

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Also no idea what the shapes in the top l/h corner are. Are any dimensions on them type high? (.918” or 23.32mm)? The shapes in the middle are designed to set type into for labels/seals etc.
People skilled in intertype/linotype/ludlow, would set a line then warm it up to be flexible and curve it into the shape inside the brass form, (needs pliers/tongs and heavy leather gloves etc.).

Hand-set letterpress is also very fiddley in that leads need to be cut to form an inner circumference and then the type set directly into the brass form. Some might set it in a setting stick and then transfer to the form, word by word. Other parts on the non-image area are packed with various quads and leads so that the whole will lift in the locked up brass form. I have set on the curve for up to 24pt, and found I needed 6pt thins between the letters on the outer circumference to make it lift.

To get the round brass form locked up, surround it with lengths of furniture in the 6 to 8 em area and then pack out the corner sectors with cast quads and leads. A test to see if it will lift safely is a good idea at any time, but too little packing on the outer circumference will force it ‘out of round’ from the pressure of the quoins.

Some round forms I use regularly, I have set up in a forme with accurate squares and poured moulten lead into the corners to form a square when it cools down.

Good luck. I hope the effort to set all this up is justifed by the end result job.

The two small things in the upper right are Ludlow cast ornaments. Just use leading cut to length to fill in the space below the ornaments.

You raided my type cabinate!!! I have a bunch of those as well. They came out of a rubber stamp shop that had a ludlow. Some of my brass rounds still have type set in them. One day I’ll update my photos and include them…