Kelsey 3x5 trucks

I am rehabilitating a Kelsey 3x5, I noticed that 3 of the trucks are identical and one is skinnier.

The issue is am trying to get the rollers and trucks to turn together and it appears the roller with the skinnier truck is only turning part of time and skids across the rest. The trucks on that roller are loose on the core, I don’t see a notch to line up with the key on the roller core either. The other roller has two matching trucks and they appear to work better and are very firmly attached to the core. Ideas on making this work better? How to make the trucks stay on the core and act as one with the roller??


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You can engage the trucks to the core by wrapping some string around the core and forcing the truck over it. I recently did this with a Golding and used dental floss.

When you say skinnier do you mean a narrower diameter? If so you should swap it for a correct one or the press won’t print well. If it just has a narrower surface area then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


It’s just a a narrower surface area, the diameter appears the exact same.
That is a good idea with the floss, thanks for sharing!