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I am not near my reference materials right now, so I’ll just shoot from the hip on this one for the time being.

They are plentiful, and they were probably made by the thousands! There are actually two different “models” (same size) that vary only in the wording on the base. They are just about as simple as you can get, consisting of two parts. The base (or bed) and the roller (cylinder). The cylinder is generally covered with felt. Even though the cylinder is fairly heavy, many people have chosen to fill the hollow center with concrete and other materials for added weight. Even with the additional weight, they are still not the ideal press for a medium to full-size form, but they will pull a tollerable “proof”, which was their basic function.

Thank you so much for the information you have shared!
Would you agree (with the party recommending this to me) that a press such as this would be a good place for a “beginning” printer to start?
If so, where might I go to find one?
Thanks in advance.

One would think that the little proof press might be a good place to start, but you will soon be frustrated with the quality of the images you produce, and registering one color to another would be almost impossible without a lot of forethought.

My best suggestion is to get in contact with a small printer or hobbiest near you and visit them to see what type of press they use or would recommend. Most peoiple begin with a platen press, but there are proof presses which are more conducive to high quality printing than the Dr. Miles.

If you list your address, I’m certain you would get some folks responding with an invitation to viist. I have a Dr. Miles type proof press as well as platen presses and a small cylinder press, and would be pleased to give you a hands-on tour so you could try them out. If you’re in the area.

John Henry - Mason City, IA

I have a Dr Miles proof press in with my storage. Let me know if you are still interested and I will dig it up.

Michael Vickey - Northwestern Pennsylvania

Thanks Michael;

How much would you be asking for it?


Where are you located? Shipping one could be pricey.

I am in Nebraska

If you are anywhere near Omaha, it looks like the University of Nebraska has a Fine Arts Press with a good variety of equipment. Taking a class would be a great way to get experience, and you’d have lots of advice from instructors and other students. Even just stopping by for a visit would probably be very helpful to you.

Hello to all,
I purchased this press from a small town newspaper several years ago. I never ended up doing much with it, so it remains in the original condition (as when I bought it). I’ve had several inquiries from interested [potential] buyers - but I don’t know how to price it. Any opinions regarding a fair market price would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

image: Vandercook No. 14 Press Plate

Vandercook No. 14 Press Plate

image: Vandercook No. 14 Proof Press

Vandercook No. 14 Proof Press