Would love all of your input on presses

Hello all!

I am hoping to get some expert advice from all you letterpress owners out there. I am wanting to purchase a tabletop letterpress. I have previously used a c&p pilot press in college. I am interested to hear everyones input on c&p pilot vs kelsey vs the new adana’s out of england. (I have a source I can get an 8” x 5” adana aluminum letter press - but am unsure as to the quality of them). So any info would be extremely helpful. I would mostly be using this press for stationery, invitations, business cards, etc. Thanks so much!

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If you’re looking for something in that size range (5x8 + or -) I would hold out for a Sigwalt 6x9 (Ideal or Nonpareil models) or a Golding Official (rarer but the design basis for the Sigwalt) or a Craftsman (Imperial, I believe?) — not the Pilot knock-off or a Pilot, or a Kelsey or even the Adana. You’ll find any of those first three presses more flexible as to sheet size possible and plenty strong for good impression. In addition, all but the Craftsman have a “stirrup” (or “shovel”) handle, making them more comfortable to operate.