I have been using my press for several months. I aquired it with two chases. Will I have a need for more chases down the line?

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It depends on what sort of printing you wish to do. One chase is all that’s really a necessity. You’ll need more than one if you’d like to keep something locked up because it will print often (not recommended but they do it at the shop I work in). If you would like to lock up all the different passes on a job at one time, or if you have different types of bases that you want to keep locked up so they are readily available. Other wise there is no must have reason I can think of.

Not that I do this, but I’m interested to know why it’s not recommended to keep something locked up in the chase? Does it damage the type? If job in question uses a boxcar base as opposed to type or cuts, is there another reason not to do it?

There is no problem with this if you use metal furniture, or have good control over humidity. I find a locked up form can just fall apart when we switch from summer to winter. The wood shrinks enough to loosen up the lockup.