Another mystery typeface

Does anyone have any idea what this 36 point face is called? I probably had a name for it years ago, but the writing on the wrapping was obliterated. I didn’t find it in McGrew, but since his listing is alphabetical by name, it’s not easy.

image: Mystery Face.JPG

Mystery Face.JPG

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Oooo, a nice old one Bob. Too old to be in McGrew. It was called Century by Dickinson Type Foundry.

Thanks, John. I went back after posting that and examined the pinmark after looking at several characters to find a readable one. It looks like “BTF”, which I gather probably was Boston Type Foundry, but the “B” is distorted and maybe I’m reading it wrong — I’ll have to go back and look again to see if it could be a “D”.

Dickinson T,F, and Boston T,F, were both located in Boston and both rolled into ATF in 1892. ATF continued to cast in Boston at the time of the consolidation and it is very likely that the Dickinson mats could have been used to cast the font on BTF casters.