Printing supplies?


New here!I just bought my first press yesterday from a guy whom I believe uses briarpress. He hooked me up with a bunch of furniture, tabs, and paper, and knowledge.

Anyways, the press is in great shape, and I’m looking for suggestions for online shops that carry supplies of all sorts ranging from inks to washes to paper to whatever you think might be valuable…

Thanks much…

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Contact me for my lists of suuplies for letterpress beginners. Thanks. SAL

Would love to see your list of supplies for beginners!

It would be extremely helpful to know where you are geographically located.

There are a few GREAT places to pick up such things, one being from Dave Churchman in Indianapolis and the other being John Barrett’s Letterpress Things in Chickopee, MA for starters. There are also a few organized ‘printer’s fairs” and such at various times and locations throughout the year. Paul Akin usually has a great “annual type sale” at his Platen Press Museum in Zion, IL (north of Chicago just south of the Wisconsin border) in early April and there is always a great mix of type, presses, cutters, books, tools and just about all the supplies a beginner could want. A date hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m sure it will show up here on Briar Press.

There is also the Annual Midwest & Great Northern Printer’s Fair that is going to coincide this year with the Amalgamated Printers’ Association’s Annual Wayzgoose to form a HUGE combination letterpress event in Mt. Pleasant, IA on September 17 - 19. On Saturday the 19th there will be a huge morning letterpress fleamarket followed by an auction in the early afternoon. This is also a fantastic opportunity to pick up needed equipment and materials at reasonable prices.

If we know where you are, perhaps there are other local or regional events like this that could be pointed out to you.