Help with Pearl Old Style?

The college I work at has recently been donated a Pearl Old Style press, very similar to the Old Style No. 3 on this page (, but it’s in pieces and needs some serious work. I’m pretty good with Vandercooks, but am not as familiar with platen presses. I don’t suppose anyone out there has a manual for something like this No. 3? Or, if not, perhaps someone with one of these in-house could take a bunch of photos for me to help me along?

Any help much appreciated,


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For starters, this blog has lots of Pearl pictures taken by a printer who has just completely and beautifully restored a Pearl No. 3 over several months:

And this page has lots of info and links:

P.S. If you decide to part out the press, let me know! I need a Pearl No. 3 platen! :-)

Hey Jason,
I have a bunch of images and info I will send you. And you need to get to know Mike Anton in St. Louis. He has a lot of Golding spares and can repair things that may be broken. He’s been a big help with the Pearl presses at The Arm.

And Cothdog- take some photos of your press so we can see what the deal is with the platen on your press!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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