Using “Pods” company to transport my press

I have to transport a C & P 10x15 from Virginia to Florida. I was thinking of using the company “Pods” to transport it. It’s much cheaper. What do you all think? I can get the person who is selling it to me to pack it up nicely and get them to professionally get it into the pod. Then when it is delivered, I can get someone to professionally move it out of the pod.

Stephanie :0)

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Hi Stephanie,
I think will be less expensive. Whichever method you choose, make sure it is carefully crated. And insured!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I’m not certain that those PODS are meant to hold nearly one ton of weight in such a small footprint. I am guessing it would be handled more carefully if it were in a crate instead of hidden inside a pod as I have no idea how you’d secure it in the pod (and it would need to be centered and secured very well).

I’d try uShip as Dan suggested.

Best wishes in your press move! A shipper is only as good as his experience. *IF* you value this press, don’t trust it to Pods. They are not prepared to do the job properly. Do your homework, then hire a professional heavy equipment packer (ie, boxer-upper, whatever they call themselves). You can ship by rail or by truck if the thing is properly crated. Why take a chance? Even if C&P’s are fairly common, they are NOT making any more of them. You’ve seen the “dream press” post here, haven’t you? Consider the extra shipping expense part of your insurance for getting the press delivered.

again, best wishes! ==Marjorie