Auctioned Shniedewend 20C Reliance

Some time ago there was an Ebay auction for a Shniedewend 20th Century Reliance in Jersey City, NJ. Does anyone on here know where this press wound up? I’m working on a history of Shniedewend and his presses and I’d like to add this one to the tally, with more info for the record in the North American Hand Press Database. If you can help me track this press down I’d appreciate it!

image: 20CRelianceNJebay.jpg


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I don’t know this particular press, but I’d bet you could find some more Shniedewend presses by searching the iron handpress group on Flickr.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Daniel, you’re right — and not just Shniedewends. But how do I find out where the presses are and how to contact the owners — most of the photos have no such info. Because I’m seeking to document all hand presses in North America, I’m sure there is a trove of information in there to be gotten if I can find out how to get it. Can you help?

I don’t know anything about the press above, but at the University of Toronto, St. Michael’s College Library we have a Reliance press (among other presses).

Here is the link to our website and a photo of the press in our collection.

We got our Reliance from Don Black in Toronto.

We also have 3 Adana presses (2 No. 2 High Speed and 1 Eight-Five).
As well, we have a Craftsmen platen jobbing press and a Line-O-Scribe that we use as a proofing press.

Good luck with your North American Hand Press Database…