Caring for woodtype

I recently acquired several cases of woodtype - I’m keeping them in a dry, heated office but I’ve noticed some of them have a fine blue-green mould growth on them. I’m intending to wash them down with mineral spirits, will that solve the problem?

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Hi John,

I have had the same problem - I have just treated them with a product that is a combination of woodworm killer and wet/dry rot treatment (buy three for the price of two at B&Q this weekend) - I think the problem is caused by using vegetable based inks or even live oil products (such as linseed oil) which if not cleaned off correctly begin to rot or decompose.

I hop this helps - best wishes

A good wipe-down with a rag loaded with kerosene should do the trick. It will wipe off the mold and leave a microscopic layer of oil on the wood when it dries that should protect it from further molding. The kerosene is relatively inexpensive. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area.

I have over 250 fonts of wood type, so I speak from experience.