Fair price on #10 Confidential Envelope

Have a job for 1,000 red and black #10 Confidential Envelopes.

what is the fair retail price.

Still working out getting my press to feed, so I send them job to another printer.

He charged me $170.

I did the artwork. I will post it.

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Artwork I sent the other printer.

Seeing that the cost of these envelope from the paper house is only $29.

Do you think I over paid?

I think the retail price should be $150.

I do not want to run my new customer off.

Sorry, I forgot to push the attach. Also I put the word PROOF so no one would use my artwork.

image: PROOF.jpg


Knowing your paper resources and establishing commercial access is imperative. You should have an account with at least one paper house, or a friendly sales rep, or a storefront you can visit in short order.

A “confidential” envelope…. would that be the same as what might be more commonly known as a “security” envelope—with printed interior?

$170 might be a bit much, but then you are paying for two plates, two press runs, a washup and special PMS color (possibly), plus an hour of labor, the overhead for the plant and the office. Surprising how fast that goes. It may also be that the person who printed these for you didn’t offer you a “trade” rate, or doesn’t like working with brokers, or wants you to lose the business so that he can go down and quote a lower rate to the customer.

If you think that there will be more business from this customer, and you quoted the customer the $150, then you may need to eat the difference to keep to the quote.

Hopefully, you can get the feeder settled out and will be able to do the next run (and other work) in house. Best of luck in getting there.

I didn’t quote the customer $150, I had quoted about $78 for a one color job on Reg #10.

After emailing and adjusting the artwork a few times, the customer, can you “security” envelope, I said can do!

Thinking that I would bill it out about another $20 to cover the “security” envelope cost.

That why I hate to lose this cost over $50, as I known this customer for 5 years and they have many items to print.

This is my first job for them.

That why I am asking everyone, if the going price for this jobs, is about $120 for this job, I rather eat the $50 over.

No PMS, just red and black. And the artwork will be used many times, so I just added $10 per job.


One of the discount by mail envelope house’s list price for #10 Security with 2 colors on the front side is $112.00 for 1000 envelopes.

I can only assume that this is a pretty good price for this type of work.

It’s difficult to talk prices on such things as everyone has their own overhead, etc. as Mike suggests. You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also should be sure you can do the work before you take it on. Perhaps lesson learned in this case, and an expensive one for you as well. It is always good to have a backup plan (platen press for instance) to get you through the difficult jobs.


John H.