C & P 8 x 12 Old Style Pricing

Hi there. I have been looking to purchase a floor model press, and have finally located one close to my area. The press itself is in fairly good condition, and all the movements are fluid. It is in need of rollers, and a treadle. The price for the press is $1000. I am in the Bay Area, so prices out this way seem higher than the rest of the country. Any input?

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Unless it is in perfect condition and recent, 1940 or later, which would make it a New Style with straight spokes, that is too much. $500-600 is tops. Even if you move it yourself, which usually cost a couple of hundred, that adds up to $1200. New rollers cost about $120 and the treadle from Hearn Iron works cost about the same. Pretty expensive for an 8x12.

You can probably find a less expensive one, even in the bay area.

I don’t know the market in the Bay Area but last month I sold a 10X 15 0ld style in the Rocky Mountain area for $800.00 ,this included a treadle from Hern Iron Works fit to the machine, delivery eighty miles away and set up in the building where is was to be used.
I felt is was a fair deal.

The person wanted another $400. to deliver the press 60 miles away. Bringing the total before rollers and a treadle to $1,400. I spoke with the folks at Hern Iron Works and looked up rollers at NA Graphics as well, bringing the total up to over $1,900. I am really anxious to get a larger press, but I will wait a bit longer for something more complete. Thanks for the feedback.

Look for a New Series with variable speed motor. Add a treadle to start out, but it may not be long before you’d like to be motorized.

I agree with Mike and Don, it’s overpriced. For $1000 I would expect new or at least usable rollers and either a treadle or motor, and delivery. Last year Steve & I sold a 10x15” Golding Jobber with good rollers & a very nice variable speed motor, here in San Jose, not delivered but including the loan of a hydraulic drop trailer for moving to Chico, for about $800.

I know Marjorie Wilser still has her 8x12” Old Style C&P for sale in Sunnyvale. It has a Hern treadle and a motor and prints well, and I’m pretty sure it’s less than $1000. Check the Briar Press classifieds from a few months ago to find her ad.

Dave Robison, San Jose Printers’ Guild

I agree that the price is too high — especially since it needs rollers and a treadle — but I disagree with the notion that a New Series is worth more than an Old Series C & P. Most of the people I’ve dealt with would much rather have an Old Series, probably for aesthetic reasons. I got $750 for an Old Series several years ago, and the buyer picked it up at my place. It had the original treadle and the split disk worked, but the rollers were only so-so.

I personally wouldn’t say a New Series is worth more than an Old or vice versa. But, like you said, many people prefer the more ornate aesthetics of the Old and New can sometimes be had cheaper. It also seems to be more likely that you’ll find a New Series with a motor and motor mount already attached.

Thanks for all your input. And Dave, especially for the tip about Marjorie’s printer. I have emailed her to see if it is still available. I will spend some time and find something more complete, and/or lower costs to repair.

it could be worth the price simply because you want it now, otherwise you just have to wait to find something for cheaper. they usually run $300-$500 in fair/dirty shape needing new rollers, new motor, a good washing, etc…they should get increasingly expensive the better shape they are in. topping out around $1800 or so closer to mint.-just my oponion.

**very important though. feel the rails that the trucks ( the wheels on the rollers-on each side of the base where the chase locks in) roll on to see if they are smooth and level, not chipped and uneven. if they are not smooth, you will never get it to ink properly and the press is unfortunately pretty much worthless unless you are just printing blind (with no ink) or diecutting.**

to save on moving costs, rent a truck with a liftgate and a pallet jack. get a few friends to help. not too difficult for something this small. please remember to strap the press to the pallet jack when moving so it doesnt slide off and hurt someone.

and forget the treadle!