replacing the belt on my C & P 10x15

I need to replace the belt for this. Does anyone know where I can find a belt that will fit?

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I used a V belt that I got at Grainger’s. 142” as I remember. My motor is a bit farther back than yours is and mine is a C&P 10 x 15.

I think all you would need to do is wrap a string around the flywheel and the motor pully and measure it. I just walked in and bought it.

I recently bought a leather belt from McMaster Carr online. It was not a continuous belt, it was just a length. I cut it to measure and closed the loop with an alligator lacing kit they also sell.

There is also an eBay seller that makes belts to any specified length. For that guy look here:

Whichever you go with, make sure that the pin that holds the belt together doesn’t have sharp ends and doesn’t stick out too far. If you are starting the press by hand it can grab a nice little chunk of flesh from your palm as the flywheel gets up to speed!

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I am guessing you’ll need a belt longer than 70” and maybe even longer than 110” for a 10x15 run from the flywheel. I think what you’ll find on eBay will be limited to 110” and will be about 5x more pricey than the simple v-belts you’ll find at McMaster-Carr.


i would definately recommend the rubber v belt (much like what is used in car engines) they dont slip when the tension is right and stay on much better. you will need a slotted wheel/pully on the motor however. these belts usally cost about $30 at your local bering shop.

the leather ones love to slip off, you can put masking tape in the middle of the wheel/pully on the motor to compensate for this so that the belt buldges up in the middle.