Windmill impression troubleshooting

Hi there. I recently purchased a windmill… it wasn’t in amazing shape at the time. The shear collar had to be replaced- it was in about 7 pieces when I opened up the machine. A few small runs have been attempted but l cannot get anything other than a very slight impression (on lettra, even). If I go by the packing gauge it tells me that I am using too much packing (heavier impression on the bottom). Does anyone have any suggestions other than I should have shopped around more?


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If your impression is heavy at the bottom then you are using too thick a packing.
Can you increase impression by adjustment of the knurled collar on the impression throw-off lever? If you can then this will have a greater effect at the top of the forme than at the bottom.
When you replaced the shear collar did you really tighten it and lock it with the steel plate secured to one of the mounting bolts?
With the press running and on impression, can you feel any movement of the centre bolt in the shear collar assembly? If so then it needs retightening.

I’ll try retightening the bolts… Full adjustment of the collar has not had the effect that I’m looking for. It’s kissing the paper- (proper letterpress I know) not what our clients are looking for.

Its possible the replacement collar has been used and is not going to work because it has been pressed together. A new replacement impression collar is raised on one side and will press into the rest of the collar if the pressure is to great.

Get the platen about 4” from the impression position and turn the machine off. Grab the platen, and push and pull forward and backward. there should be no motion. If there is, the shear washer is bad or the center bolt is not bottomed out. If the bolt and shear washer are good, and there is still motion, well, I suggest you look for another machine. Repairs would be pretty steep.