C & P Experts- Help please!

Hi, I wonder if someone could cast their expert eye over the below photo of a C & P I have seen for sale. Unfortunately the person selling it has no idea (less than me and that’s saying something!) about presses so cannot answer any questions and it is too far for me to travel to go and look at it. Anybody want to help me out with anything they see or don’t see. Thank you in advance!!

image: 86044888.jpg


image: 86044356.jpg


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This looks like a 10x15 — is it? Are you sure it’s a C&P? There are some differences that are hard to verify in this photo (such as the platen locking assembly and the flywheel). It’s hard to tell condition from a photo, but this press looks OK as far as it goes, except that I’m not sure its main gear shaft is assembled correctly. I can’t see a feed table, treadle, or chase, but the latter are both fairly easily available at a price (if it’s a C&P) and you can make a feed table. If the price is right and you have a way to move it inexpensively (and safely!) it could be a fine press assuming there aren’t any broken or missing parts or badly worn bearings.

If this is a C&P there are LOTS of parts missing. Such as the entire side frame connecting bracket and the rocker lock (see http://www.boxcarpress.com/community/manuals/cp-newseries-parts-list.pdf ). These parts are not optional. I’d avoid this press.

If it is a C&P, It’ll say so on the back of the press…it is cast into the nameplate connecting the roller arms.

If you’d tell us where the press is, perhaps there is someone near enough and knowledgeable enough to verify the make and condition, and check for all the necessary parts.

I agree with Arie and AdLib, it looks very wrong. Either many parts are missing or it is a Reliable press which had a different rocker lock mechanism. Is it possible that the photo is flopped? The large cam wheel gear should be closer to the press frame and the side arm shaft that connects the roller frames should be on the other side. The photo is flopped and the wheel and gear are reversed or it is a very unusual press. Trouble.

Thank you I appreciate that, I thought there were quite a few parts missing but just wanted to check with the experts! The seller says it has Chandler and Price on it. It is in New Zealand but down the other end of the country from me, which obviously I’d travel to if the press was right but thought I’d get some feedback from you guys first. Thanks again!

I think you are asking the wrong guys. My first thought was that it was not an American made press and because of location you should be asking British press experts. I don’t think there are parts missing - I think it is a different machine than us Yanks are used to. The throw-off is like nothing I have ever seen, but unfortunately the photos didn’t reveal enough to really tell. Don’t give up on it yet, you might have something quite unusual there.

It lokks like there might be a crankshaft on the floor to the right of the press. If it is there, perhaps the enitire press was disassembled and just has been partially put back together. Personally, I would not purchase a press in parts, as it is much safter to be able to at least turn the press over by hand and see if it is tight and working properly. If it were at a bargain price, however, it might be worth your while to download a parts book and visit to see if all the parts are present.