C&P 8x12 New Style

Hi, I just got my C&P 8x12 New Style press and have some questions that I hope you guys can help me with:

a. Is it okay to use lacquer thinner in cleaning the rollers and the ink disc? Some of the cleaning solutions posted are not readily available here in the Philippines.
b. Does this press come with 2 rollers or 3?
c. When adjusting the height of the rollers, I added tapes to the rails. When the rollers are positioned at upper portion, the ink on the roller gauge measures approximately 3/32” but when the the rollers are lowered, the ink strip on the roller gauge now measures more than the recommended 3/32”. Is it alright to add more layers to the tapes on the bottom portion of the rail only?
d. Is it normal for the press to be greasy all over? I can’t seem to insert the roller gauge behind the rollers without getting grease on my hands and shirt.

Thanks so much in advance for all your inputs!

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a. Use mineral spirits NOT lacquer thinner.
b. 2 or 3. You can run 2 in the double saddle and leave the single saddle empty or put rollers in all 3 for greater coverage.
c. It is ok to add tape where needed, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve tapered the height so that there’s not a sudden rise or fall on the rails.
d. The only part of the press that NEEDS to be clean is the parts that touch paper. You don’t want to get oil on your hands and then start printing, so you might want to wipe down these parts with mineral spirits. The presses are typically dirty—except where it counts.

copy that. thanks!