press help/shipping question

Hello…I asked a bunch of questions a couple of months about presses and got some great answers. I never bought the press that I had decided on because right around the time I was supposed the economy tanked and I got nervous.

Now, I’ve found a Kluge 10x15 Automatic in the Classifieds here and am thinking about buying it. I wanted to hear what everybody thought about that as a first press. I know it’s big and a lot bigger then I need to get started, but it is too big? It’s a pretty good deal I think {$600}, but it needs some work and new rollers before I can print on it. So, what do you think? Should I be trying to find a shipping company?

Also, how in the world do I find a shipping company? Anybody have an recommendations for a national shipping company that they like?


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What kind of work do you plan to be doing? The Kluge is an amazing press, but if you have press runs of under 500 then you may find better luck with a hand-fed platen.

Where is the press coming from and where is it going to?


I will be doing less than 500 except once in a blue moon probably. I’m thinking more like runs of 100-200 at the most, sometimes much less.

It needs to go from DE to AL.

I’d say contact someone about a handfed C&P if your runs will be small. John Horn may have a handful of floor models available in Little Rock, AR. With the letterpress community in Alabama I am guessing you could even find one much closer.

A nice 10x15 New Series C&P should be perfect for your needs. I just don’t think the setup of the autofeeder will be worth it for runs of 100-200.

I am glad that you didnt buy the other press that had uneven rails (from your post back in October, that I was still replying to).

I would avoid the kluge for short runs ( I would avoid the kluge regardless-windmills and meihle verticals are much better presses-but printers like whatever they like).

dicharry is completely right, a 10 x 15 handfed platen press would be ideal for you (or even the smaller 8 x 12). I believe that there are a few on here in the classifieds.