Moving an Improved Pearl No. 11

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question. I am going to Philly this weekend to pick up a Improved Pearl No. 11. I am going to be using a mini-van and I have 3 people that will be riding with me. I already asked a friend and they said the weight-load would be ok. However, just to double check (and make sure I don’t ruin a van), does anybody else have a opinion carrying this much weight-load in a mini-van?

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What kind of minivan? How ‘big’ are your friends? An Improved #11 weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 700lbs I believe. That’s the equivalent of maybe 3 average-to-large adults. I am guessing the minivan will be fine, but try to keep the weight over the rear wheels and distributed as much as possible.

All vehicles are required to have a plate which details limits and tire pressures. There will be a Gross Vehicle Weight GVW and a Net Weight. The difference is the load carrying capacity. Makes sense?

Some small sedans have a 750 lb. max. So if your friends weigh 250 lb each and you have a carrying capacity of 750 lb, you are 250 lbs over the limit without any cargo. Note: You have to add in their “carryons and luggage, too”.

There was a picture of a small car at the Home Depot several years ago posted on the internet. The owner had placed 20 fifty pound bags of sakrete inside and put plasterboard on the roof. The car had tipped back on its haunches and collapsed, totally ruining the vehicle. Wheels bent, frame bent, roof smashed in. Not covered by insurance, either.

The Golding 1908 Catalog lists the boxed weight of a #11 Improved Pearl as 730 lbs. So, 700 lbs seems about right.

Better jettison some friends and their luggage if that van has a low weight limit.

Thanks for your advice. I played it safe and rented a Nissan Titan from Enterprise which has a Dual Cab. I do not regret the money I spent. It was about 40 bucks a day and it was perfect. I took apart the press and was able to tie it down in the back properly with plenty of room (you don’t want those pieces moving).

My suggestion for any one that is traveling a distance to get a press, is to play it safe and spend a little extra money. Preparation, research and the right tools are key. The experience as a whole will also be more enjoyable and their will be less stress on you.