Help with Press ID

Does anyone know what the following press is?

image: unknown.jpg


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It certainly looks to be an “Old Reliable” Press.

Old Style Chandler & Price. Cleveland, OH.

I guess I’d have to see them side-by-side, but it appears the large gear to the right of the feedboard is larger on this press than it would be on a C&P. Both Presses were produced by companies in Cleveland. The Old Reliable was made by H.H. Thorp, and of course the C&P by Chandler and Price. The key clue is hidden in the photo, it is the plate which bridges the roller arms at the back.

Speaking from my own research only, the Old Reliable was only made in 1888. Thorp made other presses of course. The model “1888” we have at the college has no gear guard like this one. It could have been added later.

This one does match the drawing in H. Sterne’s book and the one on Brier Press even though that one is missing some parts. It would be unusual to not have the raised lettering, “Old Reliable, HH Thorp, Cleveland Ohio” on the crossplate.

This press was available for sale at an estate sale in the Chicago area on Friday. I have a phone number for the sale if anyone is interested. I assume if it is still there on Saturday it can be gotten for very little. email me - [email protected] - if you want the phone number of the seller.