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I have a solo operation in New Orleans and I’m going to visit Boxcar Press on June 16th to see about buying a platemaker. Then I’ll rent a car and drive around till the 24th in NYC where I’ll board Amtrak and go home. I’m looking for suggestions of letterpress related places to visit. I’m especially interested in finding someone who is actually making a living with this letterpress stuff. And yet I was inspired this morning listening to Garrison Keillor quote Marilyn Monroe: “I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.”

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Saturday, June 20th Letterpress & Things will be open from 9-4 in Chicopee, Mass.——-they have EVERYTHING
you could ever want that relates to letterpress———
go to Yellow Pages on this web-sight——-then to Suppliers—
then you’ll find the link to John Barrett’s emporium!

I would second Letterpress Things as a place to visit. Also the Museum of Printing in Andover, Mass is having their annual printing fair on June 21st.

I work hard and long at printing, binding, papermaking and book arts stuff in general. Not quite making a living at it but trying. You’re welcome to visit. I’m about two hours north of Albany, NY - sort of on the way to Boston from Boxcar.

Bob Walp

Check out Peter Kruty Editions in Brooklyn (see Briar Press Yellow Pages) also — a fine letterpress shop that appears to be making enough money to keep going. You might also enjoy South Street Seaport’s Bowne & Co. Print Shop (southern tip of Manhattan) and the ATF Collection at the Butler Library Rare Book and Special Collections Library at Columbia University, where they have several nice hand presses on view as well.

We are located about 40 minutes NW of NYC. Although we wouldn’t normally consider ourselves a tourist attraction, our doors are always open. We do many different things here, but letterpress is an important facet of our business, and we do use it to make a living.

you’ll “pass” this place on your way to Letterpress Things. Might want to contact them and see if you can look around .

If you find yourself going through Baltimore, theres a couple places you might want to stop.
these two are people making a living at doing letterpress
which is Dolphin Press, affiliated with MICA

Thanks for all the fine suggestions. Please keep them coming. I’ll be seeing some of you soon.