Oil Fittings

Have been having trouble trying to get oil into a few of the oil fittings on my 10x15 Heidelberg windmill. My oil
gun was purchased new from Heidelberg so that shouldn’t be an issue. I wonder if there is a “special tool” to remove these fittings for replacement or should I just put a wire in there and see if some crud can be dis-lodged and free up the fitting.
Any one else had this situation?
Thanks for any input.
Mike H. / L&M Graphic Design

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You didn’t mention which fittings you are having problems with. I have in the past just kept pumping and the pressure should force most of the crud out. What weight oil are you using?

Kendall / All-Oil Gear Lube SAE 85W-90

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I think your oil is too heavy. On my heidelbergs one of the reccommended oils is automobile 40. I have been using 15w40 for about 15 years it is easy to put in and when it comes out it removes crud. Your heavy oil should be good for weekly(yellow) and 6 month (green) oil holes.

I too would like to know how to replace these fittings, I have two that will not take oil under any amount of pressure that I can produce with the Heidelberg oiler.