Side guides on a Heidelberg windmill

Hi I am new to letterpress and especially to the 10x15 heidelberg windmill which I own. I am trying to print an image and was wondering is there a way to set the side guides so that the paper does not go all the way against the right side but an inch to the left without using larger paper and cutting it to size.
thank you for all of your help

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I’m not clear as to why you are asking this question, but the easy answer is “No.” The side guid only operates at the very edge of the platen, and that is where the arms drop the sheets.

If you are worrying abotu an inking situation or something like that, don’t forget that you have four sides on every form, and that by turning the form and the press sheets, you may be able to “get around” any problems you may anticipate.

Thank you for your help.