Heidelberg platen too far from the chase


I’m a beginner who recently acquired a red ball windmill.

However, I can’t get any impression (except when I pulled on the clutch). I tried both adding to the packing, behind the forme and changing the impression 0-4.

The space between the platen and the chase is roughly 5mm or 0.19inches.

I hoping the problem is simply something I’m not adjusting and not mechanical or result of recent move.

Does anyone have any tips?


(Btw, I’m not after a deep impression but nice kiss)

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With .918 type in chase and packing plus stock to be printed on platen at 0.042” you should be able to get an impression. Not sure what you mean about space between platen and chase as they should never come into contact. If you have a press manual go through it again if not you can download from boxcar.

“I can’t get any impression (except when I pulled on the clutch).”
What exactly do you mean by this?
The clutch has nothing to do with the impression; it’s sole purpose is to transfer the motion of the flywheel to the driving shaft.
The correct thickness of packing should be that which fits into the gauge cut into the delivery standard.
The only packing behind the forme should be thin makeready; and as you are just a newbie I should leave that out.
Are you using the impression throw-off lever correctly?

Are you confusing the impression handle(red ball) with the clutch. Also the impression handle must be pulled out to lock in place for impression to happen. It sounds like you pulled the imp. handle a little to get impression instead of pulling it out to lock position. There are lots of vids on youtube for heid. letterpress even mine 937die. that show the operation.

I would have to suggest that you read the Heidelberg Manual and Heidelberg Hints for the Pressman. Both of these can be found here, https://boxcarpress.com/community/flywheel.html

My mentor suggested I read the manuals 3 times before starting the press and it was great advice.

If you have not had instruction and it sounds like you haven’t then you should read the manuals before printing your next job.


sounds to me when you when you pull the clutch to get impression you are really pulling the impression. the impression must be lifted then pulled and should lock into place by pushing it down when it is out. best to read the manuel several times. good luck