Printers aprons Help locating

hello briar press community!

Our shop is expanding and we are looking to get some nice aprons. Our only problem is we can’t find one we like with a line gauge pocket that will hold a 12” line gauge.

We know about the Ben Davis one and we like the material but it does not have a long line gauge pocket. there is a blue denim one out there but we aren’t sure the denim is the right choice for a material for a printer apron.

if anyone can help us locate a nice apron quickly that would be great!



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i worked for a dailey newspaper late 60’s thru late 70’s, we wore blue denim aprons, i was walking around with a pocket full of proofs when someone lit a cigarate and threw the match, newsprint proofs really burn fast, haven’t worn an apron since. dick g.

Dick - that is a totally frightening story!

For some reason it reminded of the movie “The Incredibles” where the superhero costume maker would not make the superhero a costume with a cape because the capes of all the previous superhero’s that she made them for ending up getting them killed from their capes - liked caught in an airplane engine, ect.

Anyway, beware of printers aprons everyone!

I think the moral to that story should be:

Beware of morons throwing lit matches!

that is a crazy story, however we like aprons, don’t smoke, and don’t print news papers, so if you know where we can purchase a nice apron with a line gauge pocket that aren’t denim and haven’t caught fire, that would be great!



You can try this sight. They were selling the aprons but as it says, only 100 were produced.

You can also find a nice black one on ebay with the layout of the California Job Case printed on it upside down so the wearer can check it when dissing type.

Good luck in your search.

Ebay item 180405336940.

Cost is $15 dollars.

You might try this for starters…

They’re only $11.97 ea. You could buy an extra one to cut up and make and stitch the line gauge pockets!

Here’s one at $12.95 WITH a line gauge pocket! Good Luck!

Sorry, I get up early but I don’t wake up ‘til later!
For previous comment…

NA Graphics has a natural canvas apron with line gauge pocket.

thanks birar press community, apparently we got the last 5 NA graphics had in stock. hopefully they look good.

thank you all for your insights..


I have a denim printers apron probobly from the 40 or 50s and love it. It has a pocket for a line guage and another big pocket. I’ve never seen another like it and was actually talking with someone today about the possibility of making more and selling them. If you’d be interested in buying a small quantity I can get some photos for you and get started on getting them made. We can even work on making some alteration to the design of the one I have if you like.

Hi everybody,

We still have some PCBA aprons left. They’re a lovely dark blue denim with a metallic silver line gauge screen printed on them (over the line gauge pocket).

The denim has a heavy weight w/ a nice sheen, and the apron is finished with snappy white grosgrain ribbon ties.

I believe the ones remaining are large-ish, though it’s easy to tie a knot on the tie that goes around the neck for smaller folks. I’m 5’7” and with a small knot, the apron works just great.

If anybody’s interested, please drop a line to: [email protected].

I’ve attached a pic that shows the side of the apron w/ line gauge graphic, next to PCBA’s 100th Anniversary Vandercook model that just came out!

image: pcba_apron.jpg


Hi Solsken
I saw your message that you still had some aprons left, with the line gauge printed on them. And my daughter uses a Vandercook 4 press, and I thought it would be neat to get her an apron for her birthday, Nov 12. And I sent an email to the address you gave, but so far have received no email back about the aprons or their availability.
Any chance you could tweak the person who has the aprons.
Thank You