paper thicknesses

Does anyone have a list of the paper thicknesses of the Crane Lettra papers? Especially the 110#, 300gsm paper.

I need to determine the thickness for choosing the correct creasing matrix for scoring.



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Time to buy a micrometer, Joshua if you’re worrying about paper thicknesses. Some Vandercook plate gauges also had a block of known thickness that would let you measure paper thickness.

If you’ve got 100 sheets, or perhaps a ream, just measure the stack and do division. You can get a very accurate answer that way.


In a pinch I have taken paper that I do know the thickness of and stacked it until I reached the same level of the sheet in question, i.e. measured tympan paper is handy.

Thanks for the input, everyone. I’ll get a micrometer and/or do some math!

Can’t the manufacturer give you a range of calipers for the particular stock you are running? I think I’d drop a note to Crane or give Customer Service a call and find out from the horse’s mouth what to expect. They spec it by weight, but should have specs for the thickness available as well.

Here’s the contact Info:
Crane’s Customer Service customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Phone (inside US): 1-800-268-2281

Phone (outside of U.S.): +1-413-684-7938

Email: [email protected]. (Most email inquiries receive a response within 48 hours.)

Thanks, jhenry. I hadn’t heard back from their customer service but I just got off the phone with them and this is what they told me.

Crane Lettra (approximate points)

32# = 9 points
110# = 20 points
220# = 43 points

Was just trying to predetermine these numbers but will get a micrometer or caliper. Any recommendations? I’d like to measure not only the paper but also type high, etc. Looking for a reliable solution that isn’t too pricey.



Can anybody recommend at micrometer? I was researching them online and the range in price and quality is astronomical. Any thoughts on a decent one that won’t break the bank? Are any of them with digital readouts worthy?

I measured a piece of 110# Lettra and found it measured .021” in thickness. I don’t have any of the 220#
paper to measure, but would assume it would be a bit over .040”. The company’s response in “points” should not be confused with printer’s points. They actually mean thousandths of an inch.

A good paper micrometer has a fairly broad contact point so it doesn’t compress the paper too much.


Thanks for your efforts and for clarifying the points. I was investigating how that translated to inches. Greatly appreciated!


I know this listing is quite expensive. But this is the best pocket micrometer for measuring paper. I’ve had one for 40 years.

The Ames Caliper is a great tool. These are found on eBay often and are reasonably priced.

Yes, I love my little Ames. Be sure to hold it perfectly perpendicular to the sheet for the most accurate measurement. You’ll get the hang of it. As decoletterpress says, they are easily found on eBay. Try Ames 25 for a search and look for one which is stated to be properly functioning. Don’t get a crusty one- this is a tool you will have a very long time.