Is this a press?

Can someone help me identify what this is and how it is used to print with?

thank you for your help in advanced.

NB: sorry, tried to upload a photo several times and it’s not working. so i tried to delete the posting and even that isn’t working. sorry, all!

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Here- I’ve uploaded the photo for you.

Info on how to print with it can be found here:

Happy printing!

image: Potato.jpg


Is that a Yokon Gold? I find that those don’t need as much makeready as the Idaho Russet, but they only last a couple hundred impressions before the serifs on my type start getting faded.
These are going for a lot on ebay, but i would not pey mroe thatn $2 a lb.

devils tail and natron, you are both wrong, that’s made in maine, you can get many more impressions from the harder maine ones. merry christmas dick g.


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In case you are still interested in posting a photo, try the Help section. The blue link can be found on the right of the gray bar at the top of every page or at . Look under “General Technical Questions.” I’m sure once you post the photo you will receive some helpful advice.

Mmmm. I didn’t know entry level letterpress equipment could be so tasty. After a 5 year apprenticeship with the potato, you graduate to a can crusher, thus earning the title “Master Printer”. Merry Christmas All!

Unmarked, but obviously a tabletop model.

I’ve got one of those - can I use crisco with this model?

Happy New Year!