Heidelberg speeds up and slows down

We have a Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 that when running it slows down and speeds up on it’s own. Everything else is fine, just very worried something very bad is about to happen. Any Ideas?

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I’m not an electrician but first thing I would check is your power. Make sure your not having power dips. Have someone place a meter on the line coming into the press and see if it is variing. If so there is your problem. If not maybe it’s a relay or something in the speed control on the press. ?? Good luck.

you might want to make sure the press turns over fine without the motor running, if ok check that the belt is not oily, then check that the sheave on the motor is not weak (the spring tension inside)

Isn’t a Speedmaster 102 a 40” offset press?

Yes it is a 40” offset press.

How many units on the machine? What age? Are you sure that the central lube is running? How much does the press slow down?

It is a 6 color w/in line aq. 1991 and the central lube is running. We usually run 8m per hour and while we are running it will slow down to 6.5 within a matter of seconds and then go back up and then down. It has been happening only a couple of times during the day but now it seems to be happening most all the time. Our second shift comes in @ 5:00 pm and when they run at night it only has happened once. Edison has come and measured the power coming in during the day and night and said there is a slight difference but nothing big. I am waiting for them to put a meter on to track the power over a couple of days.

Here is a link to a video of the problem.

OK saw the video. are you sure your drive belt is not slipping? Check it for oil. I will contact some others and see if I can find someone else that has had this problem. That would be one heck of a voltage drop to go from 6.5 to 4.5. The whole shop should brown out.

I don’t think that press usees belts. They’re direct drive and use a drive shaft. It’s going to either be an issue with the motor brake or an electronics issue. Since the speed change is registering on the display I’d go with a bad board somewhere. If it was a motor brake issue I’d think the display would register the same speed but the press would slow down anyway.

I would like to thank everyone for there input. Here is and update: There is a belt but it is not slipping. Edison has come out and put a device on the line to record and check for any drops or spikes in the power. If that is not the problem we will have our electrician come out again and check the boards and the speed control.
Thanks again