Wooden Type Identification

I have just purchased a collection of wooden type - the manufacturers name is H. M. S & Co Sheffield (under it reads - precision made) does anyone have any details about this company or have a type catalogue of their work?

Many thanks Carl

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The company name is HM Sellers Carl – I’ve never been able to find out anything about them…

Thanks for the comment John - Yes there is very little detailed information about wooden type manufacture in the UK about. I think because there were so many organisations providing the service.

Best wishes

i have a couple of their catalogues. They were still making in Sheffield in the 1950s.


I have a catalog of their wood type. It seems to be from the late 50’s early 60’s and includes a tipped-in “Revised Price List” date 1965. The address is listed as 336a Shalesmoor, Sheffield, 3. Running along the bottom of each page it states: < See the name–H.M. Sellers & CO. “Precision made” on every “A” >