painted rails

Recently purchased a Vandercook #3 that has a single coat of paint on the rails. Has anyone had any luck removing paint with Citristrip or a similar paint stripping solution without damaging the rails?


Sycamore Street Press

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Kirk,you should just fine,even with regular paint stripper.
it wont eat the metal if thats what your worried

Hi Kirk,I tried using Citristrip with poor results. After multiple applications with 24 hour wait times, it didn’t have the lifting power to take off what was left of the original paint. It ended up being an ineffective mess. You may have better results is the paint was a later application. The Citristrip lifted most of that.

The enamel used on some older presses is very hard for citristrip to lift. I would at least give it a try—chances are paint on the rails is not original.

Hope this helps,

Lacquer thinner works on paint but it might be tough keeping it where you need it. Soaked rag perhaps?