folder problems

I’m having problems with the folder on a Harris M-110. I have amanual for the press units and the roll stand, but I’m looking for a manual for the folder.

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daveandrews, Maybe you haven’t noticed that this is a site
for letterpress and subjects related.Why don’t you call a web technician.james

You might start by asking here:

Not surprised to see offset/web folks here, as this is one of the busier on-line printing forums-just not related to what they need—unless they’re still running stereo plates on some ancient Hoe press.

There’s probably more out there, look under web bindery when Google searching. Good luck!

While tearing down a circa 1890 building we discovered a Golding printing press dated 1913 - I think it is an “Official Press” - can someone tell me how to determine which number it is?? It really is a beautiful piece!

james bourland - Yes, I am aware of the purpose of this web site. I am also aware that many people who visit this website have an expanded knowledge about printing in general and not just on letterpress. Just thought someone like that would run across this post and be able to offer some information. Sorry that wasn’t you.

mikefrommontana - Thanks for the response and encouragement. Yeah, there isn’t much out there as far as online forums go. Thanks again.

What type of problem are you having? I worked with a Harris M110 folder for years. I’ll check with some former co-workers and see if there is a manual available online

daveandrews, sorry to sound curt, I thought your were
immediate need of help,”for instance on press with deadlines”.I was a stripper in a large web shop in the late eighties, plates,webs, and ink were delievered via box car backed up to the side of the building. I also stripped for a misomex step and repeat machine, state of the art for its time, all garbage by now. The company I worked for had its on in-house mechanical team, complete with “plate Dr.”
and roving trouble shooter. I would develope a relationship with a freelance expert with webs if the company can not afford a person for that position. Mike from Monatana I guess any starting point is better than none but I certainly
would not go to a pastrie site looking for a recipe for donuts. best james