Got finally my Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill. How to clean it?

I’d like to clean my just arrived Heidelberg Windmill 10x15.

I tried to clean the grease mixed to dust on the surface of the windmill.

Now what’s the next step?

Can I clean it with diesel fuel to clean it? How can I clean the ink rollers?

I’ve seen the ink “scooper”, to collect the ink, the one with the black knob, is full of dried black ink. How can I remove this?

Last thing: during the moving there was the rain. Droplets created rust on the ink rollers and on the parts of the press without the black paint.

I removed the rust easily, but the little rust spots left a darkish spot on the seems the water oxidized the metal.

How remove these spots?


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Here attached one pic before the cleaning and one after 12 hours of cleaning.

I used a special kind of kerosene, but free from the “oil” residue.

I still need to clean it but I hope you can see partially the results!!


image: AFTER.jpg


image: BEFORE.jpg


Looking pretty damn good, Fabio. Be sure to recoat the metal parts with something to prevent rust!

Hello Vroooom,
a friend said me the press was manufactured in the 1956!

A very old press!!

Do I need to give something under the black paint to prevent rust?


I believe the paint itself will be fine. The iron sections of your press, like the platen, can rust and dimple from changes in humidity if they are bare. Sometimes the cleaning that makes your press shine takes off this protective layer of grime.

my daughter when she was 6 years old was in my shop with me and decided on her own to clean my windmills, she sprayed about a quart of window cleaner on two windmills, still can’t get some of the rust off after 6 years. the only thing that saved my presses was the grime from 50 years of printing kept most of the presses from rusting. Dick G.

I have cleaned it with kerosene, but I’ll give wax for cars on the external parts of it.