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What are line o types worth?

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It really depends on model/features, condition and location. I’m sure there are people out there with linotypes in basements who would pay you to come get it out of there. Are you looking to buy or sell?

Probably just as important as having a machine is to have the matrices/molds that go in the magazines. Given that those are brass, the scrap market has been relentless in their destruction—but the machine is just a giant mechanical curiosity without them.

Other factors that will effect value:

Location—is it in a basement (bad) or upper floor without and elevator (also bad). If dismantling is required for removal this will limit takers and general value. Likewise, a machine in Three Forks, Montana will have a harder time finding a home than a machine in Peoria, Illinois. Where are you at?

What kind/how new a machine?—The most popular machine types seem to be Models 31, 8, 5, and 14. Models with auxilliaries (Model 14, 32 etc) are much harder to move as they are easy to tip over. A good place to look up machine descriptions is . Machines with blue background nameplates are generally newer than old brass nameplates but the serial number is your best indicator (on left hand side of machine, above the keyboard— does have a build number listing).

The presence of extras—spare parts, tools, and supplies (metal in particular) will also boost the desireability of a machine. General condition (indoor dry storage—no rust) is an obvious item to consider too.

It should also be noted that LINOTYPE is a trademark for the major brand of linecasting machine. Also built were Intertypes which, though fewer in number, have number of improvements and less design changes than Linotype. Dave Seats website has a serial number list and explanation of these machines. They are just as good (or better for some) than a Linotype and both makes will take matrices for the other so that is not a limitation.

If you’re looking, let us know where you’re at or if you’re selling, let us know. There are still a number of people looking for these machines, but sadly, I won’t say they’re worth a lot more than scrap unless in currently running in good mechanical adjustment.

I’m going to hauling some presses out of Kansas this friday.
I’m told there’s a load of Linotype gear there that no one else wants. (that would include me) I have no other details. I can give you a report from the site if you’ll give me your phone #. Or, if you are close to KC, you can follow me there. They just want it removed

Calvert Guthrie
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A Linotype or Intertype is based on working condition. One that only needs a little cleaning up and is ready to set type could be worth $1,000 to $3,000. Prices would matrix and magazines be worth the mentioned prices.
A machine not working are needing a lot of repair is worth $5 to $200.

Aaron, if you know of someone who will give us $200 and take the machines out of the building please send them my way!!! We have three Linotypes, one working, and I’ve not been able to find a single person interested in taking them. The mats and magazines sold pretty quickly, but the machines just sit here. Any suggestions you can throw my way would be helpful.