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Hi all,
My Pearl 11 just arrived from the east coast yesterday. As excited as I am, I just noticed this… I am attaching a picture of the press. Can someone tell me what is broken off from the press? Sorry, if this questions is very elementary, but I am a newbie… Would I be able to fix or replace the part?

Thank you.

image: photo 3.jpg

photo 3.jpg

image: photo 2.jpg

photo 2.jpg

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Are you talking about the belt? Is this pearl motorized?

Can you attach a few more photos? It’s hard to tell what you’re referencing as the broken part.


No, I am not talking about the belt. I am referring to the piece between the fly wheel and the clam shell. It is very clear on the first picture. The previous owner attached a piece of aluminum metal on to the part. I don’t know why… Thank you for the fast replies… I am sending an extra picture.

image: photo-1.jpg


I am atttaching another picture… thank you.

image: photo.jpg


Your throw off lever appears to be broken :( That’s a bummer, because it’s so useful. Try Mike Anton aka the golding guru to see if he has a replacement. If you are running this motorized it would be nice to have it. Pic shows throw - off intact.


image: pearl 11-2.jpg

pearl 11-2.jpg

I was posting the same time you were - yes, definitely the throw off. It looks like the previous owner must have bolted a makeshift piece on there as a substitute and now that’s gone too.

Thank you, so much, Leslie! I will try Mike.

No problem! Ironically, you still have your brake lever & mine is gone. I’m treadle operating mine, so it’s been OK. I love my pearl, it’s so compact and easy to use. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. There isn’t any reason you can’t use it without the throw off while you’re looking for one, just remember that losing a misfed sheet trumps losing extremities any day.

One more question, then… What is this on the picture? Is this not the thow off?

image: photo-3.jpg


image: photo-2.jpg


That’s the brake I was referring to. You can see if you pull on it, it would create friction and stop the flywheel. The throw off actually moves the platen slightly so that it does not close fully. The throw off is what makes the Pearl 11 the ‘improved’ model.

I guess you’ve already answered my question, Leslie… It is the break, right? Thanks again for your help!

I guess we are writing at the same time… haha… have a great Sunday.

You too, feel free to pm me with any other pearl 11 questions and I’ll see if I can help or point you in the right direction.


Thanks, Leslie…