So I got a little crazy this weekend and decided to finally photograph and start to catalog my wood type. I don’t have much in the way of wood type catalogs, so I did the best I could identifying fonts. Listed with the font is a makers mark (if I could find one) as well as where the font was acquired. There aren’t a lot of unusual fonts, but it was still nice to have the whole thing a little more organized. Mostly, I wanted to remember where they came from. If anyone has any comments or corrections to the pictures, please let me know.


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Beautiful collection! One of my many summer letterpress projects is cataloging my type as well.

Stunning to say the least! Thanks for posting the photos.

good to see that not all fonts are sold letter by letter on ebay. Very nice collection, thanks for posting it. Good Luck Dick G.

Something went wrong in the middle of my response so I’ll try again.

Here are some answers/information for you:

Row 3, 3rd image - Modified Gothic
Row 3, 5th image - made by Stephenson Blake in England. They made wood as well as metal type
Row 4, 3rd image - Antique Tuscan Condensed
Row 4, 5th image - DeVinne Condensed
Row 5, 3rd image - Schoeffer Oldstyle
Row 9, 2nd image - Howland
Row 10, 2nd image - some sort of Latin
Row 10, 4th image - Freehand
Row 11, 2nd image - Latin
Row 11, 5th image - Only has name No. 161 from R.D. Delittle of York, England
Row 12, 5th image - Balloon Bold (?) - but NOT Brush
Row 13, 1st image - Poynder from R.D. Delittle of York, England
Row 15, 6th image - Clarendon Condensed

Hope this helps a little.


If they’re really worth $120 per letter, as someone said recently, you’ve got a young fortune there …


I just saw your response - thank you so much for taking the time to do that. It was really why I posted the images, so I could learn more about the type I have. I’ll add your id’s to the images.



If only they were worth that! Actually I just missed out on some wood type that was sold for $5 a drawer. So my collection is worth somewhere between $5 a drawer and $120 a letter. I think I’ll just print with it :)


Returning to the scene of the crime…. I had a little more time to devote to this again so here are some additional identifications for you:

Row 2, 4th image: Iroquois (?)
Row 2, 5th image: Corbitt
Row 2, 6th image: Corbitt Condensed
Row 3, 1st image: Corbitt
Row 3, 2nd image: Corbitt Condensed
Row 4, 1st image: Antique
Row 4, 3rd image: Not really antique, but more like Grecian
I’d maybe call this something like
“Athens” (?)
Row 10, 6th image: Aetna
Row 11, 1st image: Antique Tuscan Extra Condensed
Row 11, 4th image: Cheltenham Bold Condensed
Row 11, 6th image: Is Page No. 512 (not 510)
Row 12, 4th image: Gothic Tuscan No. 5

Hope this helps.


One more time! Something I forgot to add yesterday:

Row 12, 5th image is actually Balloon Extra Bold

That’s it for now.