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I am the new owner of a Poco proof press. Is there anyone who could send a picture showing how the tympan is attached to the cylinder?

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There is no tympan. You can make one that sits on the bed but not on the cylinder.

Look at http://sites.google.com/site/pocoproofpress/tym

Not true. If one looks further into the website listed above, there are instructions on attaching a tympan to the cylinder:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3265696338/in/photostream/

Following is an excerpt with the missing words:

Operating Instructions for the


(a) There is a single slotted reel rod into which both ends of tympan are inserted. Be sure to insert both ends of tympan in same side of reel rod.
(b) Have the slot vertical and the crank up when placing tympan

(c) Turn reel-rod to the left with pin wrench, bracing the crank handle against the body. Ends of typan will slip for 3/4 of a turn and then bind and lock.

(d) The proper size of tympan is 28 inches long by 12 inches wide with corners cut off 4 inches down the side and 3 inches across.

(e) For 24 cents in stamps we will mail 12 tympans cut to correct size in a tube post paid. Tympans must be of right shape and size to operate successfully.

(f) In replacing an old tympan, take care to crease the curl out of the ends to facilitate insertion in reel rod.

(g) Keep the tympan tight. It stretches under use.

2. HOW TO HANDLE PACKING: First wrap all the packing except tympan into a tight roll so that it will conform to the cylinder; then with the bed centered, place all the packing on the bed in proper sequence with tympan below; then leaving the tympan lie, wrap all the rest into position on cylinder with the two hands; hold into place with the left hand spanning the cylinder opening; while the right hand brings the right end of tympan into position ; insert tympan in the reel rod slot with the aid of both thumbs while the fingers hold packing on both sides from slipping; then span cylinder opening with the right hand and bring the other end of tympan into place with the left hand; insert packing in same side of slot aided by the thumbs as before, hold both sides in place with left hand while the right tightens reel rod.

3. WHAT KINDS OF PACKING: Press is shipped with packing suitable for mixed type and half tone forms although the cuts should always be underlaid with 2 or 3 papers. When the proving results to type remove some press board and substitute papers. This will also make press operate easier under impression. Always have at least one press board under tympan.

I think Ginko was confusing the tympan paper with what some people have done with a making a “tympan and frisket” to allow easy packing, registration and paper placement on the Poco.


There is a new website dedicated to the Poco, run by Preston Briggs:


More details on his private site:


Does anyone know of someone in New Zealand who has and is using a poco press? I will be in New Zealand in February/March and would like to see one in use.