10x15 windmill jammed, not by paper

I was rolling my press over by hand cleaning the rollers when it came to a halt or a bind. I had heard a small metallic noise before. I figure the problem is some where in the gearbox area and would like to remove the cover. Any thoughts on this or things I should look out for when removing the cover?

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What do you mean by “the gearbox area”?
There are gears in numerous places on a windmill.
For the Inking drum,
Motion for the rotation of the grippers,
Gripper head mechanism,
Feed and delivery table movement.
but no specific gearbox.
Has something small dropped into one of the gears causing the jam?
Refer to the manual and see if you can free it by turning backwards , but only a LITTLE, or you may damage the gripper head.

Right, The bearing case cover for the gripper drive is what I meant. I’ll try backing it up a bit.