ARAB Weight? Chandler and Price Weight?

Does any know the rough weight of a Arab press.
I’m unsure of the exact model though but it does have the spoked main wheel.

I also have the chance to buy this press or a Chandler and Price old style press. The main wheel has broken on this one though. Even so does anyone know the weight of these as well.

Thanks John

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You will find a wealth of information here:

I owned an Arab myself, but never weighed it! If you manage to take it apart, you’ll be able to transport it easily.

Good luck.

An Old Style C&P could be anywhere between 1000 and 3000 lbs depending on the size of the press. Any further details about the one you have a chance to acquire? I’m not sure, but I imagine an Arab would be comparable in weight.


No I don’t know any more detail because the person who is selling the presses found them in a shed and doesn’t know much about them.

Depends on the size of the Arab. According to my (original) manual(s). The Crown Folio (15 x 10) should weigh 13cwt and 1 Quire, translating as 1456lbs or 663kgs approx.
The smaller sized press is Foolscap Folio at (13 x 9) and weighs 12cwt 1344lbs or 612kgs. These are fully built size with their ink ducts and later solid flywheels, clutch and braking system. If yours is earlier with a curved spoked flywheel then it will weigh a bit less. The number is usually stamped on the conrod next to the operators right hand. I can date the press reasonably accurately with this number.
Anything else - let me know and good luck,

Thanks allot

That should help me get quote on freight. Which should be a bit cheaper now. I was allowing around 800kgs.