Kelsey need wider trucks?

(sorry for the bad photos, but I think you will be able to still see what is happening.)

I have a Kelsey 6x10. It has saddles to hold the rollers (see 5.jpg). I bought rollers and trucks from NA graphics for the Kelsey 6 x 10. The trucks are the same size as the old ancient trucks that came with the press when I bought it.

My problem…after I open and close the press 5 or 6 times (but sometimes sooner), the top roller shifts to the left so far that it does not align with the rails anymore. The trucks are sometimes spinning off the roller locks (I don’t know the technical term, but the nubs that stick out from the roller core that allow the trucks to lock on and help spin the rollers around). If I don’t catch it doing this before opening the press back up, my roller is inking my chase because the truck on the top right is not on the rails.

I did tape the rails to fix roller height (using a boxcar guage), but I noticed this problem before I taped the rails and it doesn’t seem better or worse since taping the rails. It seems to be inking and printing fine other than the rollers sliding around. It seems like the sliding happens once the rollers start coming off the rails and onto the ink table.

1.jpg. Shows a truck on the rail. This is when my roller is centered on the rail so that the trucks are sitting evenly on both sides. Should there be that much space between the truck and the saddle? Should the truck be resting more on the rail?

2.jpg Shows the rollers being inked. Look at the trucks and roller positions. The top roller has clearly shifted all the way over to the left. And the bottom roller’s trucks are not on the nubs anymore.

3.jpg and 4jpg. Close ups of the rollers being inked.

5.jpg Side shot of my press showing the arm and saddle that holds the rollers (sorry, I had removed the rollers before this shot). There are three holes in the rod to control the roller spring tension. I have it set to using the center hole. I did try the top hold (less tension), but did not see any change in better or worse. I have not tried the bottom hole (most tension) yet.

So should I have wider trucks made? If so, is there a recommended amount of space the truck should have between it and the saddle?

Or is there something I am doing wrong or could change without getting new trucks machined?

Thank you for your help!

image: 1.jpg


image: 2.jpg


image: 3.jpg


image: 4.jpg


image: 5.jpg


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have you tried adjusting the saddle springs? It may just be a matter of there being too much or too little tension on the trucks.
Also, make sure everything is well-oiled so that the amount of friction on the saddles/roller core is what is should be.
Others may have better suggestions, but the above comments would be a good place to start.
good luck!

Push the shortest roller as far against one hook as possible with both trucks on tight on the “ears” and measure the gap to the other hook, and the diameter of your cores. Go immediately to your friendly local hardware store and get enough flat washers with ID to fit the cores to fill the gap twice. Divide them in fourths and put 1/4 on each end of each roller, leaving just a little excess space. They will keep the rollers centered between the hooks and should eliminate your trouble.


I have a 6x9 Cook’s Victor that had the same problem, mine is due to one of the arms being repaired at sometime in history and slightly out of line. Using washers fixed the problem easily and has kept things right in line.

Will washers overtime damage the saddles that hold the rollers? There was another post ( and some people were advising against washers.

Maybe I should use washers to confirm the width I need and get new trucks made?

How about nylon washers?

Your rollers should be the same length, why is one longer than the other? I think the washers is a great idea, as far as wear goes, this is a hand press, it will take a lot of use to wear the saddles, the roller trucks rub against the saddles and don’t seem to wear the saddles. Good Luck Dick G.

Both of the rollers are the same length. They are shifting while operating the press. Thank you all for the suggestions. I guess I will give the washers a try.


Did you manage to get this sorted out? I am just about to start down the same path myself.

In the position press is in photo 5, grippers should be straight up to allow feeding of the sheet.
Try using roller bearers, type high rules and/or larger diameter roller trucks, or tightening roller springs. Putting tape on roller tracks is not an effective fix, as the tape wears, flattens or just plain disintegrates with your wash-up solution. Tape is a sign of poor craftsmanship and sloppy, unprofessional presswork.

What happens if you flip the saddle around? Or flip both?

If you look at picture number 5, it looks like the truck has, at one point in time, rubbed against the side of the saddle that is facing the camera.

image: flip.jpg


I have the same press and bought trucks from NA. Instead of having the truck lock into the raised flanges, I turned them around so the flanges butt the flat side of the trucks, and added some metal washers. Seems to work fine now.