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I have one of these 6 x 9 Sigwalts and...6 Aug
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Excellent!30 Jul
Ok, I had a thought. Dick Blick is...30 Jul
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P.S. It looks somewhat lighter in...29 Jul
You are going to have so much fun!26 Jul
I recently brought home what I thought...26 Jul
Hi, Would you be able to post pictures...26 Jul
Probably about 4 inches less. Then you...26 Jul
When you are talking a quick 3D...26 Jul
Barbara I saw Inception today. I...25 Jul
I am not being a facetious here. Maybe...25 Jul
My 8 x 12 C&P press all the way open is...25 Jul
On History Detectives they visited...24 Jul
Thanks! I think I even have some extra...6 Jul
How about nylon washers?1 Jul
I'm sorry I can't be of any help but I...30 Jun
I found this website when I was...25 Jun
Thank you Gerald :)22 Jun
That sound like a fabulous thing! What...22 Jun
I love that!22 Jun
I do hope you'll post the finished...21 Jun
Vrooom, I'm not thinking low rails...21 Jun
I have tried this sort of thing and...21 Jun
Working under pressure is one thing but...21 Jun
Mike & Bob, Fascinating (said in the...21 Jun
Hi Bob, So, if my rollers are 1.615...21 Jun
I think I have one of these C&P presses...21 Jun
Thanks dickg. Interesting thing...10 Jun
This looks like an old style press with...7 Jun
Thank you!7 Jun
What I don't understand is why all of a...6 Jun
Hi, Dave, Thanks! A PDF would be...31 May
Hi jhenry, I went to that link and...24 May
Could be injet printed first. Then the...22 Mar