Which quoins for 10x15 C&P w/ 9x12 Boxcar base?

I recently purchased a 10x15 C&P new style, and I’m now gathering the necessary supplies so I can start using it.

I’ve been searching the forums here, trying to decide what quoins to get. I have a set of Wickersham quoins for my 5x8 Kelsey, but I’m assuming I need something a little more substantial for the C&P.

I’m planning on getting a 9x12 Boxcar base - do I need longer quoins like Challenge Hi-Speeds? How long should they be for a base this size?

And then, if I get longer quoins for the Boxcar base, should I get a different set of smaller quoins for locking up type?

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Your quoin sizes will depend on what you are planning to lock up inside the base. I’d recommend a range of sizes from small to large. I’ve always used Challenge hi speed quoins and always liked them.

Two Wickershams on the short side of the chase, and three on the long side would lock up a base just fine.


Challenge quoins are about the best quoins but are expensive. The wickersham quoins will work just as good, especially if your not running a automatic press, they come in different sizes and like Paul says you can use more than one on each side. Good Luck Dick G.

If you get a 9x12 base for a 10x15 press there will be little room for gauge pins, you might want to think about 2 smaller bases that can be put together for larger jobs . Just because you have a 10x15 that doesn’t mean you can print that size, the larger the area you print the more pressure it will take to get a good impression. With a large base you can only set your pins low on your top sheet, causing you to have to reach further into the press, not a good idea. Good Luck Dick G.

Awesome, thanks! I have 6 Wickershams so that should at least hold me over for now. I would like to get some larger Challenge quoins at some point, as well. I actually do have one 3” Challenge Hi-Speed given to me with my Kelsey, but no key for it yet.

Okay, so would it be better to have Boxcar cut down a 9x12 base into 2 6x9 bases then?

I would think a bit about what you want to print and what your standard paper size is before going for two 6x9 bases. The smaller size will be more manageable, but addressing the two concerns above first will help you hopefully avoid having to purchase another base in the future.

If you do go for the larger base, don’t forget to account for a larger, flat lockup area. A slight warp in a tabletop can easily skew one entire side of a larger base.


I think the challenge hi-speeds will be the best for you at this time. I have some nice used ones in the 7.5” and 9” size I can part with. Also have a nice new key for same.
Please email if interested.