Terminology clarification

I have a C&P Pilot that has “slots” for two rollers, but only has one roller in it. I want to replace the one I have and get a second one as well. I’m finding the ordering process very confusing, because I can’t find a clear explanation of what I want anywhere (including, surprisingly, the Briar Press glossary). So what I am looking for is clear definitions of the following terms:

Roller core
Roller truck
Roller (as used in opposition to “core”)

Thank you in advance!

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A roller core is the metal rod which runs through a finished roller. The roller truck is an additional piece, made of plastic or metal, which must fit the roller core and match the roller’s diameter. Roller itself can denote a complete roller with core.

When ordering new rollers, you either order an entire roller w/ included core, or you supply your old cores to be re-coated with the roller material of your choice.

Make sense?

James Beard
Vrooooom Press

Try this page. There may be rollers available near to you but NA Graphics spells it out and has photos. So does Tarheel in South Carolina.


Most roller makers will want you to send at least one truck (make sure all your trucks match for diameter) with the cores so they can match the diameter with the new rollers. I’ve had several new rollers made on new cores I made from drill rod (precisely machined tool steel). I had very nice new rubber rollers made, on existing cores, by Duro Roller at less cost and several times quicker than was projected by the much closer-to-Virginia supplier. They print very nicely on my Adana Quarto.


Thank you for the clarification. I am, in fact, ordering from NA Graphics, but I had a hard time finding a clear explanation of what I need.

One thing about rollers, you will be better off with rubber rollers, there are composition rollers out there but these rollers don’t hold up like the rubber ones. Good Luck Dick G.