trouble creasing on a windmill

I was using a creasing matrix and rule to crease a greeting card. The gripper arms caught on the matrix and actually moved the die jacket out of position. (Yes, I had removed the plastic “locator” from top of the matrix first!)

Up until this point I have not noticed any issues with my gripper arms being bent- is it possible that I just need to replace my die jacket, or do you suspect another problem?

Any thought would be appreciated.

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I always put some strapping tape to hold the “snapon” die jacket in place. I put one piece at the top left and one at the top right above the tympan clamp. This helps keep everything in place. I would recommend checking the position of the grippers over the bear platen I believe the measurement is 4 points, ( the thickness of 2 “leads”.

Hope this helps.

Just take of the cutting jacket and put your matrix down on the platen. I usually pack one sheet of the same stuff I’m scoring behind the rule in the chase to even out impression.
Should work great!

Hi, goomis—

I’ve had the die-cutting jacket walk towards the tail of the press on a long run, but your problem seems to be in the other direction. I usually put in a packing bail (rod) at the top of the jacket, if it will fit. Sometimes I’ve lifted the gripper arm slightly off the jacket by putting a piece of matrix horizontally along the top of the jacket, being sure not to catch the edge of the paper.

Hope this helps, Brian

I’ve never had any problem with the plate moving, however I’ve seen it when they can be upside down and the gripper can catch the corner and rip it off. Be sure the side the longer flange is up and the side with the two short flanges is at the bottom of the platen.


Thanks everyone! I ended up switching to my C&P to finish the job but I have another this week that requires creasing. I am sure that your advice will help.

If you are just creasing put a piece of wide clear tape over the matrix making it longer and of course wider than the matrix. Most hardware stores carry two inch wide tape. This will help the gripper arms to ride up and over the matrix. Message me if you need more help or pictures.

Shreiner makes a matrix without metal behind it, same as with but sits closed to die jacket. they call it “profile”. i haven’t used it I just found about it last week when their sales rep stopped at our shop. Maybe something like this will help.

I’ve always done channel matrix on the tympan sheet which is held in place by pins. This also allows you to change packing without moving the matrix out of position.