Kluge 12x18 die cutter/foil stamper

I have a 12 x 18 Kluge “N” series die cutter/foil stamper, but it has no counter attached to it. Does anyone have a photo of theirs with a counter attached. Thank you for your help.

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Snapped some quick shots for you of the one on my press. Sits bolted onto the top of the main arm, with wheels underneath.

Can’t help with the installation though. Mine came as is.

James Beard
Vrooooom Press

image: counter-inside.jpg


image: counter-front.jpg


image: counter-behind.jpg


Thanks Vrooooom,
But mine does not have the upper arm as it is not an inker, I have a C&P with Kluge feeder and it has the same setup as yours. I need to see a Kluge that is a Diecutter with no ink.

Whoops! Sorry, I thought you were being general.

Your throw-off still rotates the same disk on the inside of the main arm though, correct? I dunno, but I feel like you could use that rotational movement to govern the counter.

early models as in these pics above were for “inkers” only… but,,, you can affix to the op-side side arm a simple “L” bracket with any re-settable counter..IE: Grainger’s, Mc Master-Carr…. drill and tap holes for all are the best. if you are not REALLY good with “drilling and tapping” find someone who is… this old stuff is more of a “pig iron” and is VERY hard and tuff. you may want to over size your pilot hole for tapping in the side arm to make sure you don’t break the tap. use washers to space the “L” bracket to “square it up” 10-24 screw for this works fine. forgot to do it today but send pics on fri…