I just bought a Kluge…now what do I need?

So I bought a Kluge today and I’m curious about all the other things I need.

It has a chase and quoins and I know I need a base plate for the photopolymer plates, but what else do I need to actually run a job?

Makeready paper
Ink cleaners, etc…?

I don’t know the official terminology for these items..

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Make sure you get the tool for putting in or taking out the rollers, if who you bought the press from could give you a lesson or two it would be great. Good Luck Dick G.

btw…Dick, it has two good looking rollers on it. Should I add two more?

4 rollers can be a life saver if you run large forms. Sometimes there can be trouble if your older rollers are worn down or compressed enough that they don’t match the new set. But I run 2 rollers on my Kluges a lot, and for most jobs it does all I need it to.

James Beard
Vrooooom Press
Austin, TX

I have found that 2 rollers is all you need, like James said. On all my presses i have an extra set of rollers that i use for lighter colors, one set for black ink, if i need 4 rollers i will use the extra set. i do a lot of consecutive numbering, so my extra rollers are mostly inked in red. Good Luck Dick G.