Cutting narrow strip

Can you guys share tips on how to cut narrow, less than 2” strips of paper? I understand Challenge cutter has a 2” limit, that is it won’t cut anything smaller than 2” wide.


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Cut the narrow strip off with it outside the blade rather than under the clamp. That is, if you need a 1/4” strip, cut it off 2-1/4” stock with 2” under the clamp and against the back gauge.

If you are cutting narrow strips from a larger sheet and can’t get to the last two (or whatever) because of the clamp, try this:

If cutting identical sized pieces, make your cuts up to the limit then take one of the previously cut lifts and place it behind the stock and cut at the same position as before. If the pieces aren’t identical, keep a lift of scrap or offcut to back up your pile to make a cut. If cutting really fluffy paper into real narrow strips, try cutting short lifts until you know how the paper will respond to cutting pressure.

So, if you are cutting 3/4” strips from a larger sheet at 2.25 leave the back gauge alone and slip a lift of 3/4” behind the pile. Make the cut and then slip another pile behind the stack. If you are not careful, you can get some dimensional variation, which is why most bindery people hate cutting really small pieces (say 1” x 3/4” or so)

Take your time above all.

All Challenge cutters I have used have a false clamp plate attached to the clamp. This can easily be removed from the back of the clamp. This will allow you to set your back gauge to .75” or possible less. When removed you will need some sort of pad such as scrap chipboard to prevent marking your printed job.