Cleaning down …

What is the best way/solution to clean the ink plate, rollers & type face?

Is white spirit the most suitable?

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There are many opinions on this. I personally prefer mineral spirits—relatively cheap and relatively safe.


I use Kerosene - and have great results…but there are a lot of differing opinions.

Once I use up my kerosene, I’ll try mineral spirits and see which I prefer.

everyone has their favorite, mine is no-odor mineral spirits - at least the can says no-odor, it still smells some :D


I just polished off a can of mineral spirits, but looking over the NA Graphics website, I remembered reading that some traditional solvents are too strong on certain types of rollers. So, I’ll probably switch back to California Wash and save the remaining can of kerosene for general oil and press cleanup.

As for the best way to clean up, I really recommend a heavy duty exhaust fan! I’m looking into adding one to my shop right now. :)

James Beard
Vrooooom Press