Source for kluge parts needed

I have a Kluge series N die cutting/foil machine and have a very difficult time locating parts for it. I currently am looking for replacement micro adjusters for the botton gauge band. (see pic).
Any body know of a good place to get old parts??

Thank you

image: DSCN2063.JPG


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Doesn’t NA Graphics sell some kluge parts, maybe Don Black (he has about everything else) Dick G.

jfitz, I don’t know if they are still in business.
Irving Printing Machinery Oceanside NY supplied me
with NOS platen bolts a few years ago. best james

NA Graphics is definitely still in business, and you can check their website at to check under “Press Parts.” But certain special parts require a phone call.

Your bottom gauge holder looks newer than the ones on my presses. The double spring set beneath looks different as well. There’s always a possibility with presses that the parts are not first generation, especially with Kluges.

If all else fails, a machine shop can fabricate whatever parts you need. Also, parts crop up on eBay from time to time.

If it’s just the thumbscrew you need, Kluge still sells replacement parts.

Still looking for a replacement for the micro adjuster. Kluge says “we don’t have parts for the OLD machines.”

Does anyone know if the adjusters from a “newer” kluge could work, all help is appreciated.

Check the yellow pages on this site, i think there is someone in texas that sells kluge parts. Dick G.

that system you show is not to my knowledge a kluge set-up. their present micro-adjust (which is similar) could be made to fit. they have a simpler (standard/older) system that may be cheaper. you would need to call and ask. they MAY not sell to you as the series on your press is too old. it is not a matter of fitting, rather, the liability they have assumed in the past. i know they did not sell to old series for awhile. if you want, maybe i can help with that. let me know.
That hole that is ripped out, you can’t drill and tap that deeper? then put a set screw in it? your bottom band should grip the thread on the set screw.

Kluge will only sell a complete bottom register system for $659.15 plus shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody use the Bar-Plate Low Profile Adjsto Guides????

Comments - good, bad??

I can switch to that system for under $200.00

Sorry about getting to you two years late. The register guide system you have on your kluge was built and sold by Bill Triplet of Specialized Printing out of Colorado Springs, Colo. Kluge’s register system is a copy of Bill’s. Bill Triplet can be reached at Church Direct phone 888 310 8303. It’s a good system. I have set on both of 12x18 Kluges ( NC and D)