Protect the platen during diecutting: stainless steel vs. galvanized steel?

Hi all —

I’m looking to get some steel sheets to protect my platen when I’m doing diecutting on my Golding Jobber #6. It was suggested to me to use stainless steel for this, but after calling a local sheet metal fabricator I’ve used and had luck with for other things press related in the past, I learned they only have the ability to work with galvanized steel.

Has anyone used galvanized steel for this? Is it effective in protecting the platen or should I opt to use stainless instead?

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

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i have used galvanized and it works but the stainless will last longer. the die cut into the galvy, don’t know if it will dull the dies, i only used galvy a few times till i could get stainless. Dick G.

I had one made up for my 10 x 15 C&P with plain cold rolled steel (12 gauge I think), which I recommend. Galvanizing will not be as dimensionally uniform and the metal tends to be softer.

the stainless will not rust but it is generally soft. your dies can cut into this easily. on subsequent runs using a different shape these previous cuts will cause “nicks” in your piece. i use a sheet of “blue steel”. it is hardened into what some might call “blue spring” steel. something around 24 guage should work fine. keep your makeready as thin as possible as a thicker makeready is softer. this will allow the metal to dent.the thickness you need is dependant on your platen height. once a supplier is found, different thickness samples should be aquired to find out what you need. start with”too thin”.

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Die Plate
If the press is adjusted properly and the makeready is done right the cutting rule will not desroy a plate.